Friday, 28 November 2014

Do you have a prom dress or suit collecting dust? Would you like to sell it?

The Year 11 students will be hosting a Prom Fayre on Monday 15th December.
Companies are coming in promoting their stalls, eg  prom dresses, suit hire, limos, make-up and hair.  There will be tea/coffee’s, a raffle, catwalk and students will host the evening. It's all building up to be an amazing evening.

We need your help!   

We would like to have a second hand prom dress (and accessory) and prom suits sale.  So, if you have any prom dresses or suits in wardrobes, lofts, attics and feel you would like to sell them on please let me know.  I will need a picture of the dress (modelled) asap and a rough idea of how much you would us to sell it for.   

 Please contact the school
with your contact details  and we will get back to you.



Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 17th December

Staff and students can look forward to traditional roast turkey or a vegetable roast for the school Christmas dinner this year.

New spending limit for canteen purchases

Dear Parents/Carers

Due to the introduction of the morning break the £5 per day spending limit for the canteen has been increased to £6 per day. This is the automatic limit but if parents/carers wish to specify a different limit, then can you please advise the catering manager at

All student's spending can be tracked by logging on to Tucasi.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

BLUE MUFTI Friday 21st November


Annual Arts Awards Evening

The Winston Churchill School
Annual Arts Awards Evening
Thursday, December 4th  @ 7pm

Simon Donaldson, Head of Performing Arts Faculty said: 

“ The Annual Arts Awards evening is one of the highlights of the school calendar, where we can gather together to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful, inspiring and hugely exhilarating work that our students in Art, Music and Drama have created over the last twelve months. The list of nominees features names from across every Year group and reflects hugely upon the outstanding contributions that these pupils have made to the inspired artistic life of our school”
Former students Award
Laura Pirkl
Bushra Ahmed
Diana Grecu
Katie Denham
Most dedicated Artist in KS3
Aimee Mattingley
Sarah Coxon
Emily Dowding
Most Creative Artist in KS3
Kaia Chiffi
Heather Denham
Bethany Cook
Ziran Liu
Most Dedicated Artist in KS4
Rhiannon Dallow
Christina Reeves
Jacob Woodcock
Sania Nadeem
Most Creative Artist in KS4
Robyn Hartwell
Christina Reeves
Rhiannon Dallow
Abi Brown
Abbie Sperry
Best Art Prefect
Oliver Down
Filip Ivanovic
Phoebe Jones
Most improved Artist in KS3
Katie Cusdin
Most improved Artist in KS4
Tom Chiffi
Arbaaz Munir
Matthew Roe
Harry Nelson
Paige Stacey
Annabelle Martin
Woking Hospice Arts Award
Peter Coe
Ben Moore
Sania Nedeem
Katie Mitchell
Best Newcomer 2014 (male)
Michael Cook
Ben Derrick
Freddie Findlay
Oliver Aldrich
Michael Cook
Best Newcomer 2014 (female)
Sophie Holcroft
Lauren Wyatt
Georgie Noel
Holly Willis
Zoe Brown
Maria Medina-Capilla
Best Classical performer 2013/14
Ben Moore
Harry Moore
Thomas Hammond
Philip Norman
Leon Tolkovsky
Best Rock/Pop performer 2013/14
Callum Marsland
Tom Gortler
Tom Howard
Chloe Elliot
Jamie Goodall
Lauren Shearer
Alex Gunn
Callum Mealin
Jordan Tonkmor
Best KS3 ensemble performer
Akanisi Volavola
Ben Moore
Philip Norman 
Best Villain in ‘The Sound of Music’
Michael Sheridan (as Herr Zeller)
David Stacey (as Herr Zeller)
Tom Estall (as Franz)
Jonathan McColl (as Franz) 
Best Comedy Performer in ‘The Sound of Music’
Glenn Sizmur (as Herr Detweiler)
Freddie Fisk (as Max Detweiller)  
Best Supporting Actress in ‘The Sound of Music’
Megan Nelson (Mother Abbess)
Sarah Glover (Mother Abbess)
Chloe Elliott (as Liesl)
Ellie Sharpe (as Louisa)
Emily Whitcher (as Louisa)
Georgia Harley (as Brigitta)
Hannah Ryley (as Brigitta)
Rhiannon Drane (as Marta)
Katie Gibbs (as Marta)
Kaia Chiffi (as Gretl)
Charlotte Hill (as Gretl)
Natasha Brewer (Frau Schmidt)
Chantelle Oliver (Frau Schmidt) 
Best Supporting Actor in ‘The Sound of Music’
Tom Estall (as Franz)
Jonathan McColl (as Franz)
Harry Jackson (as Rolf)
Tom Gortler (as Friedrich)
Lewis King (as Friedrich)
Ben Moore (as Kurt)
Josh Townsend (as Kurt) 
Best Actress in ‘The Sound of Music’
Dannielle Heal (Elsa Shroeder)
Eleanor Mackie (Elsa Shroeder)
Hannah Edser (Maria Von Trapp)
Chloe Elliott (Liesl)  
Best Actor in ‘The Sound of Music’
Tommy Sheridan(Captain Von Trapp)
Freddie Fisk (as Herr Detweiller)
Glenn Sizmur (as Herr Detweiller) 
Best Villainess in ‘The Fox Fantastic’
Rachel Muir (as Sally)
Darcy Meacock-Fletcher (as Erica)
Fiona Stalker (as McSnare) 
Best Villain in ‘The Fox Fantastic’
Josh Townsend (as Boris Bean)
David Stacey (as Billy Boggis) 
Best Heroine in ‘The Fox Fantastic’
Jessica Wheeler (as Weesebag)
Kathryn Jeeves (as Moira)
Rhiannon Drane (as Swipe)
Imogen Bradfield (as Victoria)
Rebecca Scrivener (as Trixie Fox)  
Best Hero in ‘The Fox Fantastic’
Jack Mallett (as Dr Oscilloscope)
Sammy Walton (as Robbie)
Daniel Harrington (as Felix Fox)
Tom Collins (as Marvin) 
Best Supporting Actress in ‘Othello’
Samantha Harvey (as Emilia)
Chantelle Oliver (as Bianca)
Best Supporting Actor in ‘Othello’
Tom Gortler (as Iago) 
Best Actress in ‘Othello’
Charlotte Brown (as Desdemona) 
Best Actor in ‘Othello’
Ian Danda as Othello 
Most Outstanding Contribution to Drama
Sarah Glover
Tom Estall  
Best Drama Technical Support-‘The Sound of Music’ Matthew Teller
Nathan Teller
Callum Hobbis
Will Corner
Zak Churcher
Aaron Cross 
Best Drama Technical Support –‘The Fox Fantastic’
Callum Hobbis
Nishant Vats
Zak Churcher
Matthew Teller
Nathan Teller  
Best Drama Technical Support –Othello’
Nathan Teller  
Best Drama Stage Musician
Matthew Elliott (Kit)
Abi Brown (Bass Guitar)
Harry Moore (Violin)
Tom Hammond (Oboe)
Rushil Gholkar (Clarinet)
Philip Norman (Cello)
Joe Cross (Guitar) 
Best Singer in a School Musical
Harry Jackson (as Rolf)
Chloe Elliott (as Liesl)
Hannah Edser (as Maria Von Trapp)
Megan Nelson ( Mother Abbess)
Sarah Glover (Mother Abbess)
Tommy Sheridan (as Captain Von Trapp)
Tasmin Martin-Young (Voice in ‘Fox)
Ellie Sharpe (Voice in ‘Fox’)
Lauren Shearer for (Voice in ‘Fox’)
Drama Wildcard Award – TBA


Best KS4 ensemble performer
Matthew Elliot
Alex Gunn
Callum Mealin
Carys Williams
Jo Rotherham
Jamie Goodall
Best own composition KS4
Leon Tolkovsky
Harry Moore
Best own composition KS3
Philip Norman
Nicola Gill
Abi Brown
Josh Townsend
The M.U.S.I.C Award for services to music
(Most unwavering support in class/concerts)
Zoe Dongray
Philip Norman
Jo Rotherham
Carys Williams
Alex Gunn
Callum Mealin
Matt Elliot
Emily Betson
Jordan Tonkmor

Thursday, 13 November 2014

NEW Handball Sessions at Woking Leisure Centre

Free Basketball Coaching Sessions


     4th November 2014
    Basketball Club at Winston Churchill
Dear Parent/Carer
Goldhawks Basketball will be running FREE coaching sessions at your child’s school in the upcoming academic term. We use innovative FUNdamental drills where your child will always have a basketball in their hand! 
Woking Goldhawks Satellite Club
Sessions on Mondays from 4.45 5.45pm in the Sports Hall.  This session covers an introduction to team concepts and competitive small-sided team games. There are opportunities to play competitive games against other Goldhawks Satellite Clubs. Open to boys & girls between School Years 7 – 11 of all abilities.
 To Register online, complete the following steps: 

    Scroll over to ‘Community’ and ‘Satellite Clubs’

    Click on ‘Online Registration’

    Complete the online registration form, be sure to select ‘Woking Goldhawks.’

The basketball club will run all year round, with the first session starting on Monday 24th November. 

Goldhawks Basketball is one of a few clubs in the UK to have England Basketball 4 Star Accreditation, acknowledging our high standards in coaching, child protection and club management. All our coaches have enhanced CRB Checks and are highly qualified. 

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage parents to visit our website, where videos can be seen of our engaging and interactive training sessions. 
Yours Sincerely,
Goldhawks Basketball