Thursday, 26 February 2015

Enterprise Day - Science

In Science, the Year 10 Enterprise Days were centred on Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) this year.


Students were given the opportunity to work with CSI professionals to develop their Finger Printing, Blood Spatter, Shoe Print and Fibre Analysis skills. Pupils then applied their new talents to a mock crime scene to identify the perpetrator.

Throughout the day students’ team-work, communication, analytical thinking and creative problem-solving were put to the test to ensure they were successful as CSIs as well as giving them a taste of Science as a career.


Monday, 23 February 2015

Enterprise Day - Mathematics

Catapult Corporations 


As a new member of staff this was my first encounter with this aspect of Enterprise at Winston. What an experience this was! 

The sessions took the students through three stages of an enterprise process:

1.       Creating an innovative and effective prototype.
Students learned the importance of putting thought into designing a product that was both appealing and effective.
This could involve experimentation and some dead ends.


2.       Mass producing and selling simple catapults on an large scale.
This phase gave students experience of the repetitiveness of the production phase.
Nonetheless it emphasised the need for quality control. Each catapult needed to be as good as the previous one.
Those who amended and streamlined their production did better than those who stayed with their original approach.


3.       Investing  profits in a simulated stock market context.
Students who took big risks realised that there were big profits to be made.
Teams soon appreciated that it was better to move the shares around rather than sit and wait. 

Many students threw themselves into the initial designs only to find that their catapults fell short (literally?). Others thought through their designs, tested them thoroughly and decorated them meticulously in order to gain appearance points from easily influenced maths teachers. One group designed their catapult as a cat. Is this not conclusive that year tens do have a sophisticated sense of humour? Along with these points, teams earned money according to the range achieved in ten trials of their catapults.


The mass production started at a heady pace over in the gym. Some designs soon appeared on assembly lines, with each member playing their part. Many groups indulged in commercial skulduggery by walking round the gym and pinching ideas! Each team had to buy card, spoons, peas and elastic bands with the money gained earlier. Catapults were then tested and sold at a profit. Although a few teams wilted a bit at this stage, everybody made some money to carry forward. Some already had the makings of a nice sum with which to invest. 

The most exciting and energising stage  of the day was the simulated stock market. Mr Parsons was the focal point of proceedings and spent a good deal of time whipping the participants into a frenzy! The maths staff operated the banks in their usual efficient manner. ‘Buy low – sell high’ was uttered innumerable times during the afternoon.
There were gasps and cheers as the latest news from around the world was announced and the share prices changed. Teams invested in an oil company, mobile phone company. football club and travel company. After a slow start the room was buzzing with activity as money was being  made,  and sometimes lost, at an incredible rate.  

Many multi-millionaires were made in one afternoon. The largest amount being over 400 million pounds. When the final results were announced the winning teams celebrated. Having said this, feedback has suggested that the experience was worthwhile and enjoyable for the all those who entered into it. 

However, such is the current wretched state of the Mathsland  Pound, even the lucky winners could not afford a bag of chips on the way home!
David Rusted


Friday, 6 February 2015

School catering: Special days planned and new menus

We have a number of special days planned for after half term

Monday 23rd Febuary  Late pancake day  A section for Sweet & savoury Pancakes 
Monday 2nd March Celebrate St David's Day
Thursday 6th March Taste & Try Sweet & Sour Chicken & Pineapple
Thursday 12th March Food from Greece
Tuesday 17th   March Celebrate St Patrick's day
23rd to 27th March Easter Specials  

We also have new 4 week menus 

A main meal, pudding and a bottle of water cost only £2.20


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Student's visit to Jamie’s Farm

Winston Students are visiting Jamie's Farm in Hereford this week. This post will be updated during the visit so please check back. More updates and photos can be found on twitter  @jamiesfarm 

3rd February
They all arrived in Hereford safely yesterday, weather is very cold but sunny.  All students settled in well, cooking, fence mending, feed animals, mucking out and pheasant plucking today! 




Another fabulous day;  long walk up very steep hill, fabulous chicken curry for tea and most tried pheasant which they plucked yesterday!

Another bright cold sunny day on the farm, 4 lucky students got to go to the poultry market and buy chickens whilst others stayed behind and help build the new chicken home.  Exhilarating 4.5 mile walk over fields, pathways and creeks (taking 2.5 hours) - very proud of the students they coped very well, ending with a well deserved hot chocolate!  Fabulous roast dinner with everyone having  second helpings and then ending the evening with a singsong around the bonfire (again built, with seating area by our fantastic students). All very sad to be coming home on Friday






School Open As Usual

Tuesday 3rd Feb 8am -
The Winston Churchill School is open as usual