Thursday, 27 April 2017

Paper £5 notes will be not be accepted after Friday 28th April

As you may well be aware the paper five pound notes will no longer be legal tender from 5th May 2017. In order for the school to bank any paper £5 notes within this deadline we will not be accepting paper £5 notes after Friday 28th April.

The top up machines within the school take the new polymer £5 notes and also the new £1 coins

For your information, you will no longer be able to use the paper £5 notes in shops and banks after the deadline of 5th May and many shops may stop accepting them sooner. If you still have any paper £5 notes after this date you will  need to take or post them to the Bank of England to get an exchange.

It might be worth checking any places you may have saved cash,  money banks etc, to check that there are no paper £5 notes hidden there.

Open session at Knaphill Bowling Club

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