Friday, 26 October 2012

Year 10 Enterprise Day – The Bradford Business Game

Year 10’s first Enterprise Day was run by Surrey SATRO on the 18th and 19th of October, we played a game called The Bradford Business Game. We had to create a business which produced paper made goods; we had to appoint roles to members of our group so we all knew what each of us was supposed to do. We started off with a £10 but we had to spend £2 of that on training for the Accountants of each group, we then had the rest of the money to spend on buying supplies for our products we were to make. But before we did anything else we had to create a company name, and logo which we had to put on each product we made. When we had designed and made a prototype of our products, the sales director had to go and sell it to the buyers who gave us a contract to make more in a certain amount of time.
 After this, the sales director brought back a cheque to the Accountants who would have to put it into either the Deposit or Credit account. With this money we could buy more supplies to make more products or alternatively save it in the Deposit account which also gave us 10% interest every half an hour. The day then went on like this, repeating this procedure.

Many people enjoyed the day as it gave us an opportunity to see what business life would be like if we were setting up a real business. We also had to present our business to the rest of the year at the end of the day to show how we had got on and what we learnt from the experience.

We thought that the day was very enjoyable and taught us a lot about running a business. It provided us with valuable lessons about teamwork and how we have to compromise with the other members of our team. It gave us an idea on whether we would want to go into a business like that when we are older.

We would like to say thank you to SATRO and the business people involved in the day for providing us with such a great experience.


By Becca Vernon and Jack Fishwick.