Friday, 21 June 2013

English Schools Athletics Competition

The Y8 Girls Athletics Team (Ellie Sharpe, Paige Hewitt, Millie Cave, Ana Richardson, Rosalind Milbourn Katie Warren, Sarah Bindschedler, Tasmin Martin-Young, Ella Barbato, Victory Ogubuike, Charlotte Gray, Annie Parkin , and a talented Yr7 Amanda Chimbima) competed in the regional round of the English Schools Athletics Competition last week and demonstrated excellent potential.
The competition was an extremely high standard and our girls stepped up to compete against some of the toughest teams in the regions.  To name a few performances on the day, Ellie Sharpe had a successful day competing in the 75M Hurdles running 14.4secs and jumping 1.29m in the high jump, Annie Parkins ran a quick 200m with a time of 30.7 secs and jumped 4.15m in the long jump, and Millie cave threw a Javelin a whopping 21.27m and ran a 100m time of 13.5 secs. 

The team as a whole raised the bar, but unfortunately failed to qualify for the Nationals this year, however this competition has put them in good stead for the district competitions coming up in July.  I’m sure the girls will continue to be committed and work hard to achieve success again next year.  Well done to all the team, they all performed extremely well and I’m very proud of them.     

 Miss Howe