Thursday, 14 November 2013

Winston Churchill School Technology Students Race to McLaren!

On Friday 8th November I was delighted to take five gifted and talented year 10 Resistant Materials students to the McLaren Technology Centre.  The visit was months in the planning with Daniel Bowman, Tim Clarke, Jamie Edey, Joanna Rotherham and Ethan White designing and making a car with no engine that would travel 10 metres across part of the McLaren Centre.

Even though the elastic band propelled car did not receive the title as fastest it would certainly come first place for style and such is the passion of the team they are already hatching their plan to win next year's competition. 
Before the big race the students gained rare insight as to what goes on inside the technology centre, meeting the designers and engineers that create the cars we see Jenson Button and Sergio Perez race.  They were lucky enough to get up close to the brand new McLaren P1’s hot off the production line and past formula one cars, as well as the extremely impressive trophy collection. 
Bring on next year for the win! As well as inspiring more mechanical engineers and designers of the future.

Miss J Blackman
Deputy Subject Leader for Technology