Friday, 28 March 2014

GCSE Catering and Food & Nutrition students demonstrate their skills

GCSE Food & Nutrition

Phoebe Evans
Samir Elidrissi
Alice Chitson
Pippa Collier
Ashley Harris
Sophie Campion
“Food and Nutrition students have been completing their final practical work for their GCSE.  Each student has chosen an area of interest to study.  We have seen dishes prepared for people on a tight budget, students at university, coeliacs, diabetics and athletes among others.  Students have shown their skills in planning what to cook and have impressed with their food skills.  The research undertaken has increased students’ learning enormously and will also contribute to success in their written exam in June”.
Mrs Ballam


Students :

Ashley Harris
Amy Holt
Sophie Campion
Amber Miller
Charlotte Eley 

“Their Final piece of CA  is a Food Study. They have chosen a variety of very interesting topics to study including endurance sport, iron deficiency, budgeting meals, analysing Take Aways with freshly cooked food, health values of traditional diets in different cultures and very interesting topics. Students have selected dishes suitable for their chosen topic producing a variety of very interesting dishes demonstrating their skills and knowledge about food ingredients and their health values”

Mrs O’Brien


GCSE Catering Students: 

Rachel Tokitsu- Tizon
Abby Wyborn
Josie Schifano
Erin Cullen 

“Today there are an increasing number of people who suffer from a special dietary need. Their needs are very seldom met if they choose to go to a restaurant to eat and this was the task they were set to study. 

These students completed their final practical session – 3 hour practical exam demonstrating their skills, organisation, knowledge and a very high standard of presentation. They selected their dishes according to their chosen Special Dietary Need they studied including Vegetarian, Coeliac, Diabetes, and High Blood Cholesterol for serving in a restaurant. They really rose to the challenge and produced a superb meal which could be served in a restaurant and receive superb compliments.

Rachel is a very talented student with a passion for food, She is following her dream and has been accepted by Nottingham college to study catering”.

Mrs O’Brien