Wednesday, 29 January 2014

School's cutting-edge recording facility to benefit the entire borough

The school has launched its own state-of-the-art recording studios, thanks to the passion and hard work of Mr Donaldson, Head of Performing Arts, along with some generous donations and enthusiastic volunteers.

The Woking Studios were up and running at The Winston Churchill School on Monday evening, complementing the recently launched Woking Radio station next door.
A SOUND PERFORMANCE – Year 10’s The Locals, Jamie Goodall, Tom Gortler and Tom Howard, with Callum Marsland on drums, make their debut recording
After a stint on the airwaves, special guest TV presenter Jamie East, from Brookwood, unveiled The Woking Studios plaque and said: “The enthusiasm and dedication of staff and students is marvellous. It’s a fantastic facility. I just wish there had been something like it when I was at school.”

While Year 10 band The Locals – Jamie Goodall on lead guitar, Tom Howard on bass, and Tom Gortler on vocals and acoustic guitar – tuned up to make the debut recording, Callum Marsland inaugurated the new drum kit, donated by the EMI Foundation.
The music centre’s corridors are adorned with funky graphics by Ian Wilson of the Digital Factory on the Lansbury Estate.

Stephen Oliver from the Humphrey Richardson Taylor Trust, who donated a large chunk of the funding, was very impressed. He said: “The trust was set up to make donations to anything to do with music – schools, associations, choirs, Royal College students… and the studios are really good.”
They were the brainchild of the school’s Head of Performing Arts, Simon Donaldson. When not teaching drama or working on forthcoming show The Sound of Music, he sourced funds and organised the project.

He said: “It has taken two years to come to fruition. The school is non-profit making and we are hoping to encourage people and bands from the community to use the facilities for an hour or more, then walk away with a recording on a CD. There will be a sound engineer at hand to help out.”

Anyone who wants to reserve recording studio time can email