Monday, 20 January 2014

Year 7 Students Raise Money for the Friends of Freemantles

The year 7 students organised a week of fund raising events before the end of term with stalls ranging from popcorn to guess the location of the treasure, name the teddy bear, candyfloss, etc. Only year 7 students were involved and they raised a total of£500 for the Friends of Freemantle. The idea was put forward by one of the year 7 students who's mother has connections with  Freemantles.

Friends of Freemantles 

Friends of Fremantles raises money for Freemantles School, in Mayford, which is a school for children and young people with Autism. 

FofF is run by a group of parents of the children who go to Freemantles School.  We try to raise money to support Freemantles School, to meet the costs of many things and activities that enhance our children’s education and to extend their opportunities in life.

So what is Autism?  

Autism is a life long developmental disability, which affects how a person communicates and relates to other people.  It also affects how they make sense of the world around them.  There is no cure for Autism, but there are special teaching techniques that can help them learn, such as Makaton (form of sign language) and PECS where students use picture cards and symbols to communicate, they like structure and routine to their day.

 All Autistic people are different, there are a variety of traits associated with Autism.  An Autistic person might have

·         Communication difficulties

·         Speech and Language problems

·         They might have learning difficulties

·         Struggle with social interaction with other people, find it hard to build friendships and relationships

·         Behavioural problems – which is sometimes the only way for them to communicate

·         High Sensory needs – might be sensitive to bright colours/lights, loud noises, certain smells, to touch and certain tastes