Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cashless Catering Payments - issues resolved

The issues with the cashless catering system  (referred to below) have now all been resolved and the system is now fully operational.

Thank you for you patience.
8th September 2014
Parents should be aware that the school has experienced problems with the electronic links between the on-line payment system and the school catering system in the past 24 hours.  This happened as far as we can determine between 15:15 and 19:50 and then after 21:00, until around 08:00 this morning.
In addition there have been problems with the revaluation machines on site and we are in the process of addressing this.  This means that some payments to student accounts have yet not updated on the system in school.  

These are systems outside of the direct control of the school, but we are currently working with the appropriate providers to rectify these issues.

These problems did affect the pace of the lunchtime service for Year 7 today as we confirmed the situation for each individual student, however as these problems are rectified the service level will improve significantly.  Additional time was allowed for students to finish their meal.
In the meantime any student affected will still be able to receive their lunch and any adjustments made at a later date to the individual account.

It appears any payments now being made are working correctly.

Mr S Phillips
Business Manager
4th September 2014