Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Winston Churchill School GCSE Results

The Winston Churchill School GCSE Results: Up-date 9th September 2014

We continue to celebrate the results of the GCSE examinations, the second highest outcome in the last 10 years.  Students and parents should be very proud of all that has been achieved.  Although there has been some concern that the English Language papers have been marked incorrectly by the examination board, AQA, and a number of up-grades have been received, improving our overall figure of 5A*-C including English & Maths to 68%.  The school is pursuing the board to ensure that our students are credited with an accurate grade.

With 26% of all grades achieved being A*/A, work continues to challenge students to achieve their personal best.  As you are probably aware schools are now judged on the outcomes from the first sitting of an examination, our results below compare the first entry against best entry. Winston’s entry policy is fully in line with government expectations.

1.  % First Entry A*-C Eng/Eng Lang = 79.1% (238 students)

2.  % Best Entry A*-C Eng/Eng lang = 79.5%

3.  % First Entry A*-C Maths = 79.9% (240 students)

4.  % Best Entry A*-C Maths = 79.9%

Students and parents are celebrating a very positive set of GCSE results, where the school has managed to minimise the impact of recent government changes on examination outcomes.

The headline figure of 68% 5A*-C incl English & Maths, ensures that the school has met its target for this year.  Particularly pleasing is that 73% of students achieved at least a C grade or better in both Maths and English. 

The percentage of students achieving the EBacc is 47.2%, this represents students achieving C grade or above in an academic range of subjects.  Pass rates in subjects such as Maths, Geography and German have significantly increased and reflect the hard work of both staff and students, to ensure that we achieve the best outcomes possible.  Collectively, through a range of strategies, our students have been very successful and thanks should also go to Our Head Boy and Head Girl, Harry and Lily, for their contribution to leading the Year Group by example. 


These are very good results, which have been achieved by young people in a local authority comprehensive school.  Although examination achievement is regarded at Winston as very important aspect of the education we provide, it is complemented by the range of life skills and experiences that help our students develop from being children into young adults of whom we are rightly proud.  Our examination entry policy is simple; if we have taught you then we will enter you for the examination, we are not selective.

Winston has achieved a consistently high standard of examination results for several years now, but we are not complacent and will continue to work together to support individuals and groups and to drive up standards. 

Well done to all our students, staff and parents!